Silent Disco at the Altitude, Millbank Tower

I’ve always wanted to go to a Silent disco and finally I got to experience what is was all about.

On Friday evening Time Out hosted a Silent disco at the Altitude 360 bar at the Millbank tower. I managed to get tickets and spent my Friday evening dancing the night away.

When I arrived at the Millbank tower, I checked my jacket into the cloakroom and was lead to the lift area to take the lift up to the 29th floor where the disco took place.

When I first walked through the door, we were given wireless glow in the dark headphones (this was the fun part dancing with headphones) on the left hand side of the headphones there was controls to change music channels. 3 channels in total; green, red and blue playing different music from house to 80’s to dance, and the volume control was on the right hand side.


After collecting my headphones, I noticed everyone in the room was standing near the windows. I too walked over and looked through the windows. Wow… I could not believe how spectacular the views of London was from such a great height. Absolutely amazing!



It was fantastic that there was a choice of music channels on the headsets, you could switch from an old time favorite like Madonna’s Like a Virgin to Durade’s Sandstrom. This was perfect for someone who likes to switch from music to music, whereas this would only happen if you go to another room in most clubs.


As the evening went on the room filled with people. Everyone was singing and dancing, the atmosphere was amazing, it’s so different from your everyday club. You are in a room filled of people dancing away to different tunes with their own variations of dance moves and having a great time.



One tip I have to give you if going to a Silent disco, best to keep your headphones on otherwise you can hear everyone one singing out loud.

The music was great so many great tunes playing throughout the night that brought back so many memories, I loved it! Definitely recommend going to a silent disco if you haven’t been before, it’s so much fun!

Alice x

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