Sweaty Betty X barrecore: BarreASANA

As part of a guest instructor’s event; Sweaty Betty teamed up with Barrecore to run a series of BarresASANA classes, which follows a Dynamic yoga flow sequence aimed to tone your limbs and tighten your core, while improving mental focus.


I always love trying out new workouts and when I heard about the Sweaty Betty ‘BarresASANA’ classes I quickly booked myself on to one. The classes are held at the Ultralounge, in Selfridges.

The class was led by Charlie Ballard Marylebone Ambassador, a professional dancer. She teaches dance, barrecore and barreASANA.

charlie ballard
Charlie Ballard

For most people in the class Barrecore was new to them and me to, this was not only barre but a yoga fusion BarreASANA class. As a regular yogi I was familiar with the fast pace yoga sequences but the challenging part was the barrecore poses that was incorporated within the class.

Pre foot selfie before the class

The barrecore poses really did work me into a sweat and they mainly focused on our gluts. Plusing lunges on Warrior 1, Standing on one leg whilst extending the other leg to the back, triangle poses with plusing straight leg bend leg. For each pose we held for 5 to 10 breaths which made the workout more challenging.

Throughout the class Charlie demonstrated all the poses and even did some of them with us, this ensured that we were doing it correctly to give us the full effectiveness of the workout. She had a really natural way of teaching which kept the flow of the class just right and she kept us entertained with some humorous sayings; she promised us we will look amazing if we held pose for just 5 breaths.


This was an amazing class and a fantastic instructor, Charlie. I loved the fusion yoga incorporated with barrecore and would definitely want to try it again if SB are running more classes.

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