Secret Sweat with Women’s Health & Gap

Last month Women’s Health magazine in collaboration with GapFit launched Secret Sweats; a free series of workouts (low, medium and high intensity) at London’s top fitness studios.


I was lucky enough to win a place on their High Intensity class at Core Collective and it was a great opportunity for me to try out this luxury studio in High Street Kensington.


When I arrived at the studio, I was delighted to be greeted by organisers of the event. Where we would experience a taster session of classes Core Collective offers this consisted of 20 minutes of spinning, 20 minutes of HIIT training, and 20 minutes of power yoga.

As I headed off to the changing room to get ready, a goodie bag was handed to me. To my surprise there was an workout outfit inside (Breathe V-neck tee & Revolution gFast spacedye leggings) as well as healthy snacks, water and of course the latest edition of Women’s Health.  I couldn’t resist as I loved the leggings so much that I decided to wear them for the evening.


The first of the three workouts was Accelerate, low impact high energy cycling. We were taken through some intense speed and intervals spins with pumping music. It was like a working out in a night club. The vibe was absolutely amazing.


The 2nd of the workouts was Velocity; high intensity interval  training. We started off with some warm ups and then we were divided into two groups where we performed various drills of; walk outs, burpees, plank rows, squat jumps etc.

Velocity – HIIT

We later worked in pairs where we got to play around with various workouts in the studio. This was so much fun as I got to try out lots of new workouts and I especially enjoyed the Warrior ropes, TRX training and the Weighted Sleds.

Power Yoga

The last workout was Power Yoga, stretching out the muscles was a great way to end the evening.


We were treated to a healthy dinner and juices courtesy of CRUSSH and Core Collective after the workout. The evening ended with a catch up with old and new friends.


Thank you Women’s Health magazine and Gap for an amazing evening of incredible workouts in one of London’s top fitness studios.


 All photos by Iona Macleod (@ionamacleodphotography).