Coco Pro Yoga with Kate Oates

Last week I was invited along to Coco Pro’s Yoga class led by Kate Oates yoga expert in Vinyasa Flow practice. A great way to stretch out after a long week at work.

Photo credit: Coco Pro

Kate Oates is a London based yoga teacher specializing in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, she teaches Vinyasa flow, Dynamic flow, Power flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa styles. As well as teaching classes at The Haelan Centre’s Upper Studio, Crouch End she also offers 1:1 sessions and Corporate Yoga.


I was one of the first people to arrive at the Coco Pro HQ and had the privilege to meet and talk to Kate. For me it is always a bonus to meet the trainer at any event I attend.

It was the prefect evening for yoga and taking the class outside made it even better. Outside there was a small grass area, a great spot to take the class.  Surrounded with residential flats, it wasn’t surprising we created a bit of an audience.

Photo Credit: Coco Pro
CP yoga 2
Photo Credit: Coco Pro

Kate took us through some gentle stretches to get our bodies warmed up before moving on to the more dynamic moves. Taking note throughout the class on our breathing, demonstrating strengthening, length, core and working on our T band.

Kate was amazing, at some points of the class she would entertain us with her humorous jokes making us feel more relaxed when mastering the poses. As well as talking us through all the poses, she also did them with us which helped us with form and consistency.

cocoproyoga copy
Photo credit: Coco Pro

Thank you Coco Pro for a great event providing us with your delicious product and Kate for leading us through an incredible yoga practice.

If you don’t know already what Coco Pro is. It is high protein pure coconut water, which provides vitamin C and contains no added sugar.

Find out more about their product visit their website Coco Pro better still try some out for yourself available at most major Health stores.

For more information on Kate Oates visit her website Kate Oates Yoga