Lush x Psycle HIT with Becky

Imagine working out a place that smells absolutely amazing. Just last week I attended a HIT class at Lush, a UK homemade cosmetic company selling a range of bath, hair and skin care products as well as fragrances & soap.


Lush Oxford Street in collaboration with Psycle held a HIT class led by Becky Duffy, a PT and Psycle instructor.



We started off with some gentle warm-up exercises to get the heart pumping; planks, squats, jumping jacks, lunges etc. before getting down to the more intense exercises.

Warm-ups: holding plank. Photo credit: Lush
Two of six exercises: Lunges & Bunny hops station. Photo credit: Lush

After the warm-ups, it was time for the fun part of the class. Completing 4 sets of 6 exercises:-

  1. Alternating Lunges
  2. Plank walks
  3. Kettlebell squat
  4. Bunny hops
  5. V-Sit with Shoulder Press
  6. Burpees (with press-up)

We could pick which exercise to start from and in order to complete the set we should end up at the station that we started at.

As we was a small group Becky was able to give us her full attention and demonstrate each exercise. She even came round to us individually to make sure we were feeling good and to check our form and consistency was correct.

One of six exercise: V-Sit with shoulder press

The exercises were timed and trying to complete 4 sets of 6 exercises proved to be very challenging. I could not control the sweat dripping from my face and thankfully in between the sets there was recovery time to grab a quick drink.

Core work. Photo credit: Lush

After completing the 4 sets, we moved on to the core section of the class.

Forming two rows, each row mirrored the exercises of one another.

Finally we ended the class with some cool down exercises, I can’t tell you how pleased I was when we were stretching.

Photo credit: Lush

It was an intense class, but I loved it. Thank you Lush for an amazing evening and Becky for leading us through an incredible workout. An all over body workout which definitely left us aching for days.

Catch Becky at Psycle, her music playlist will get you working from start to finish.

Check out Lush Facebook page for future events held at the Oxford Street store.