Camden Beach Yoga

Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience to practice yoga on a beach, imagine being able to do this in the very heart of London. A few week’s ago I attended Time Out’s yoga sessions at the Roundhouse beach, Camden in collaboration with Creative Yoga London .

After last year’s success, this yoga series is back for a 2nd year. Classes running from 30th July – 27th August led by the Creative Yoga team including Richard himself. Each week bringing you different Yoga styles including Hatha, Dru, Vinyasa etc.

Richard Brook founder of Creative Yoga London Photo credit: Alice Poon

Richard Brook as well as found of Creative Yoga London, he is also a Dru Yoga teacher, Acupuncturist and International Holistic Expert.

It was a beautiful sunny morning prefect for outdoor yoga, as the venue for the class was on the beach, we didn’t use yoga mats instead the sand was our mats.

Photo credit: Milena Court

I had the pleasure of Richard taking the class where I got to experience a Dru Yoga practice for the first time.

Dru Yoga is a elegant and powerful form of yoga, based on soft flowing movements, controlled by breathing and visualisation. It is gentle, relaxing and focuses on creating an energy which helps the body to release.


Richard started off by introducing himself to the class and gave us a brief insight into Dru Yoga. We began by chanting 3 oms, and then setting an intention for our practice.

We worked through some gentle stretches to get the body warmed up before taking on some deeper poses. With the sun in my face and sand on my feet it really did feel like I was in a different world. We focused on breath throughout the practice and visualisation for the mind.



Richard incorporated partner and group yoga poses into the practice, this definitely was the part I enjoyed the most. Such a great way to interact and meet new people. Poses like buddy boat, dancer duo, double sided stretch certainly felt great with the support of a partner. It was great fun trying to form a perfect circle, give each other a massage and be able to balance on each other’s laps.




Savasana on the beach, a perfect place to end the practice.

Thank you Richard for an amazing yoga class, perfect setting and great weather. Loved the experience of interacting with people through partner and group poses.


Photo credit (expect 1st & last): Milena Court (@milenadvorec)

Creative Yoga London are running classes from 30th July – 27th Aug 2016 find out more: Yoga at Camden Beach

  • Cost: £12
  • Location: Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road in London

To find out more about more about Richard Brook, Creative Yoga London, classes and retreats visit their website: Creative Yoga London

Photo credit: Alice Poon



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