Unlimited You London


This summer Nike launched the Unlimited You campaign aimed at athletes to break through their perceived limitations and run past them as if they never existed, aswell as celebrating the Olympics.

The first of the Nike Unlimited events took place in Amsterdam last month. Last weekend it was London’s turn, Unlimited London in the heart of East London running across 3 days Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

The Unlimited You event was all about pushing beyond your limits and testing your body and mind. A high-intensity workout with a bespoke soundtrack by Hot Chip and an immersive lighting environment. There were two choices; Kobox class followed by an unique Nike Run Club session or a fast paced Barry’s Bootcamp treadmill workout followed by a Nike Training Club session.


I wanted to experience the first night and opted for the Friday night at 7pm. My preference was Barry’s but instead I got Kobox, slighted disappointed at first but that soon changed.

I was so excited and intrigued by what Nike had in store for us for the evening, from the queue outside we were led to an upstairs space where there were pictures of athletes on the wall and amazing immersive lighting. It felt like I was in a night club, this was when Fitness meets Night Club.


Prior to registration we were given  a crate inside was a t-shirt, pouch for our mobile, boxing wraps and trainers and a wristband with a number. As there were two workouts we had the opportunity of trailing different shoes, and the mobile pouch what a great idea. Knowing that people would be taking photos throughout the workouts.



I’ve never really been much of a boxer, but was really excited to try my first Kobox session. We formed two lines where we were led into a room with curtains either side, in between the two lines were two Nike trainers shouting out instructions to us. It felt really military, like a line up in the army taking orders. We were taken through some warm-ups and some involved interacting with others either side of our line or on the opposite line.


After which we were led into the main boxing room, it felt unreal. Punching bags hanged from the ceiling, gloves on the floor and music pumping. The atmosphere really put me in the mood to throw a few punches. Our instructor Shane Colin, founder of Kobox was absolutely amazing, he had so much energy which complemented the vibe of the room and people. Shane led us through a powerful workout demonstrating combination boxing drills and foot work.


There was only one word to describe the experience EPIC, not realising how hard I’d hit the bag my hands were shaking at the end of the session. Will definitely like to try it again. Kobox see you soon.


I loved the fact we got to change trainers after the first workout a great touch to the Unlimited experience, referring back to our personalised numbers on our wristbands the trainers were laid out in numeric order. We trialled the NIKE FREE TR FOCUS FLYKNIT & NIKE LUNAREPIC LOW FLYKNIT ULTD both comfortable shoes. But a big fan of the Lunar Epic Low Flyknit good support and great for long distance running.



After all the excitement of trainer swapping, we were led through to a room where we were greeted by Nike Master trainers Sonja, Tana, Faisal, Corey, Kezia and Becs. I was completing surprised to what was coming next, the suspense was definitely part of the Unlimited experience.


With the two groups in one room, NTC & NRC on either side and a live orchestra in between. For the NRC we worked through a speed and incline run session on the treadmills led by Becs, Corey and Tana. It was tough after Kobox but working out to a soundtrack composed by Hot Chip duo Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard and performed by a live orchestra who wouldn’t want to push harder.


After two intense workouts, it was time to refuel. We had delicious food provided by Maple & Fitz with salad boxes and Pip and Nut with Pancakes topped with fresh fruit, seeds and generous servings of nut butter. While Barry’s provided us with protein shakes.



Nike never fails to deliver, such an unforgettable experience. From the atmosphere to the music, to the workouts and to the instructors.


Thank you Nike for an incredible experience, bringing together Kobox, Barry’s, NRC and NTC.

Nike London offers weekly training and runs sessions follow the links below for for details:

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