London 10 Mile

Last week saw thousands of runners take part in the London 10 Mile at the stunning Richmond Park, running in it’s first year. As well as the main race, there was also a Family Fun Run and Picnic in the Park.


It was a quick and simply journey to Richmond from Vauxhall on the train, but finding the race village was not quite so easy. As Richmond park is so big there were no clear signs directing us where to go. Thankfully I bumped into a friend at the station who was also heading to the race, and we walked together. It was more than a 2 mile walk to the race village which meant feeling quite tired before even starting to run, but I took in the views and even spotted some deers along the way.


Apart from training runs, this was my first official 10 Mile race which I’d taken part in. This is a great distance as I sometimes find running a 10km is not quite enough but then an half marathon is too much, 10 Miles a perfect in between distance.


Finally reaching the race village, the atmosphere was buzzing with runners and their families, music and someone on the mic. The bag drop was easily located and queues were very quick with lots of staff at hand. As was the toilets, plenty of portable toilets around, but queues were long. Thankfully I’d used toilets as I entered the park, which meant I had time to walk around the village, find my start pen and even meet some friends. It’s always a bonus to arrive early for a race.

There were 4 start pens; 1st – Green, 2nd – Yellow, 3rd – Blue & 4th – Pink. I was in the blue start pen, you were placed depending on your finish time.

It was a beautiful day, might have been a little too hot for running, but nevertheless I was really excited to get started. We actually started later than expected.

I must have got overly excited signing up to this race that I actually didn’t check the route properly. This was going to be a hilly 10 mile race, not realising how many hills there was. Funny enough as I ran the first set of hills I felt fine, not thinking about what was coming next I actually started enjoying the race and taking in the beautiful surroundings of greenery, blue skies and deers.

It was mind over matter with the next and the next set of hills, I actually think I managed them better than expected with a pace of 8:47 for the first 5 miles and 8:30 for the second half.

I think I was expecting like any other race that I’ve taken part in to have the markers for the final mile; but this was somewhat different. Guess how much metres to the finish line before sprinting!?

My target was 1hr 30mins and I finished at 1:26:28 really happy with my time and I know I definitely pushed for the finish time 100%.

Overall it was a brilliant race distance wise, but what I noticed that the pacers for this race were only gathered in the first two waves. I did not see a pacer in sight in my wave. This race was fully marshalled, friendly staff, plenty of toilets, easy and quick bag drop. Water stations were on point, but not sure if the cups were a good idea as it slowed runners down having to stop to drink water.

For the price I paid for the race as I missed the early bird pricing, I’m not sure I got value for money. After promoting how great the goodie bag was, but what we got inside was disappointing. But it was great we got free race photos, as you can imagine they can be very expensive.

You never know, I may be tempted to participle in this race again next year if not just for the distance.


It was great to see so many fellow runners and a friendly cheer squad. Loved seeing the cheer squad at the last mile, it really gave me a boost to push to the end. So grateful to Sophie and Becca who cheered me on so loudly.

If you like to take part in the next year’s race you can find out more on this link: London10Mile